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Day 2 – Dingle Peninsula

We started our day off with a full Irish breakfast at Adare Manor and then we were on our way to the Dingle Peninsula. It was a fairly long car ride, but the countryside views were amazing. We had to stop along the way for some great photo ops.

Upon our arrival in Dingle we were on the hunt for the best fish and chips and the best seafood chowder in town. Winnie’s friends were recently in Ireland and they assured us that Reel Dingle Fish was the best fish and chips in town and the Half Door Restaurant had the best seafood chowder in town. Rob, Tom and Winnie all enjoyed their fish and chips, but I took a pass on this meal because I was looking forward to the seafood chowder. The owner of Reel Dingle Fish gave us a wonderful tip about a walking trail along the peninsula with some breathtaking views. We thanked him for the tip and then we headed to the Half Door Restaurant so I could try the best chowder in town. Delish!

Rob, Winnie & I set off on our hike while Tom hung back to do some shopping in town. At the very beginning of the trail we spotted a seal toying with a fish. A bystander assured me it was an otter, but I knew it was a seal. Anyway, the trail was beautiful and we were all just soaking in the scenery. The hike was taking a bit more time than we anticipated so we decided to turn around before reaching the spot suggested by the local. We had agreed to meet Tom at a specific time back at the car so we didn’t want to keep him waiting if we pushed on through the rest of the way.

The whole group was complete once again and we popped into a pub for some Irish coffees and Bailey’s coffees. Winnie had never had a Bailey’s coffee before, but as you can see she is quite happy with it!

Our fearless navigator (McRobert) found a way to drive us to the place we had to end our hike earlier that afternoon, so we were able to park there and then finish the last ¼ of the trail. This was a super idea because Tom got to do his shopping earlier in the day and still take part in the last leg of the hike which had the best views anyway. The landscapes and scenery were just amazing. I definitely took more pictures in Dingle than anywhere else during the trip. Here are just a few of them.

After the hike (and photo sessions) were complete we hopped in the car and headed back to Adare, stopping somewhere along the way for a light dinner. It was shocking when I realized what time it was when we got home. We arrived at the villa at about 10:30 p.m. and the sun had just gone down about 30 minutes prior. Apparently, the days are extremely long in Ireland in July.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Dingle Peninsula

  1. John Forsyth says:

    Dayna, thank you so much for sharing your trip with me. You, Rob, Tom and Winnie appear to be having a wonderful time…I can’t wait to share your excursion with my father, Frank. He’s in assisted livinff for a while but his wanderlust has never diminished. The emeral isle looks beautiful and I hope the weather stays warm and sunny!

    Best wishes for a wonderful rest of the trip. Love Uncle John

    PS. I like your medicinal preparation for the trip…good tip (and probably enjoyable)!!!

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