Screw You American Airlines!

This past February, Heather and I went on a relaxing beach vacation to the Riviera Maya in Mexico.  We got a great deal on a really nice all-inclusive resort and it was pure heaven.  We decided that we should definitely make this an annual thing and travel somewhere every February.  February just happens to be a good time for us to take vacation at work and it is definitely a great time to get out of the cold weather and head to a tropical beach!

A few months after we got back from Mexico we decided that we couldn’t wait a full year to do this again.  Our birthdays are in September (22nd if you want to send me a gift!) and we figured that was a good enough reason to take a vacation.  We found a great deal on an all-inclusive resort in Cozumel and we booked it months in advance.

We have steadily been getting more and more excited for our upcoming trip and then out of nowhere I get notified that American Airlines is reducing their flights to Cozumel and our flights were among the ones that got cancelled.  Ain’t that some bull$*#@!

Our options were: 1. Change our travel dates to correspond with the new (limited) dates that American Airlines has service to/from Cozumel.  2. Change our travel location and book a trip elsewhere, keeping the same travel dates.  3. Get a full refund.

Option# 1 wasn’t possible for us because our vacation dates are not flexible.  Option# 2 would have cost us several hundred dollars more because now that it is fairly close to our travel date, the prices have gone way up (so much for us planning so far in advance!).  So, we settled on Option# 3.  My vacation leave is still on the books, so I am hoping that I might be able to find some kind of alternative.  If not, I think I might go to WalMart and buy one of those plastic kiddie pools and then pay someone to serve me cocktails (with little umbrellas in them) in my backyard.


6 thoughts on “Screw You American Airlines!

  1. John Forsyth says:

    Dayna, you’ve taken or booked more vacations in one year than I have taken in a lifetime! I’m sure you’ll figure something out to your advantage. Maybe this ShermansTravel.com or travelzoo.com? john

  2. This resort in Rivera Maya looks a lot like the one we stayed at a few years back. It was called Marina El Cid I believe. Was great vacation and your pic made me super nostalgic.

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