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Colorado Day 4 – Oktoberfest & Independence Day all in one day

On Sunday morning we woke up feeling refreshed after our long day in Colorado Springs.  We all went out for a nice breakfast and later that morning we shuttled to the neighboring ski town for Oktoberfest.  Beaver Creek Resort has a Bavarian feel to it so it was a great location to host such a festival.  I am assuming they do it every year, but I am not sure.  Either way, Rob and I were both looking forward to some good German Bier and Bratwurst.  Rob was especially looking forward to the Bratwurst part since he had ordered Bratwurst for lunch in Colorado Springs the day before and they literally served him a hot dog!  He was not pleased…but hopefully the delicious Bratwurst we had at Oktoberfest made him forget all about the hot dog incident.  We had a good time enjoying the German music, food and beer, but we couldn’t stay too long.  We had to get back on the road towards Denver for plans we made with John and Leslie.

Once we made it back to John and Leslie’s house, we all went to visit John’s father, Frank.  It was really great to meet him and I know Rob was really glad to visit with him as well.  Frank told us a lot of stories about himself and Rob’s grandfather, Ned, from when they were kids and very close friends.  He had a lot of good stories to share and I am sure if we had more time, he would have loved to share more of them.  I know Rob really enjoyed hearing stories about his grandfather that he had never heard before.  We had a nice visit with Frank and then John and Leslie took us to a fabulous restaurant for dinner.  For fun, let’s call it Mimi’s Café (sorry, inside joke).

After dinner, we went back to John and Leslie’s house and we planned to just relax and then go to bed early since we had to wake up very early the following day to catch our flight.  While we were chatting inside we heard fireworks starting to go off outside.  The town of Lone Tree had to cancel their 4th of July fireworks display that year because the weather conditions were far too dry.  So they rescheduled for Labor Day weekend.  We all walked outside to the front yard where we had a really great view of the fireworks.  This worked out perfectly for me since I didn’t get to see 4th of July fireworks at home this year.  Our power had just come back on after being out for close to a week, so I spent the 4th of July cleaning out my fridge and freezer and cleaning the house.  Good times!  For a small suburban town, Lone Tree put on one hell of a good fireworks display!  And it was a nice finale for our Colorado trip.


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