Wall Pollution?

When people travel, they collect all sorts of things. Some people collect magnets, some people collect shot glasses. Some people like postcards and some people like snow globes. Personally, I am not a fan of knickknacks. Clutter is my enemy. But I still like to have a keepsake of my travels, so instead of tchotchkes, I collect some form of art from my travel destinations. It could be a photograph that I have taken myself, or it might be a professional photo that I bought at a street market. It could be a watercolor painting that I bought from a starving artist, or it might be a print that I bought in a trendy shop. Regardless of the origination or style, the art will remind me of my trip and it will make me smile.

The problem with these keepsakes is that I have traveled to many places and, therefore have a lot of framed memories. Unfortunately, I don’t have a gallery in which to display all of this art. What I do have however (thanks to my very handy husband), is a gorgeous basement bar and an idea for an “around the world” theme. What better place to showcase all these pictures? So then, what’s the problem you ask? The problem is that my handy husband does not approve of my wish to hang ALL of my keepsakes. He thinks I am “polluting” the walls. In all fairness, I have to say that I can at least understand where he is coming from on this one. I mentioned earlier that clutter is my enemy. To me, clutter consists of things on horizontal surfaces and if it is there, it will literally drive me crazy. This type of clutter doesn’t give my husband anxiety the same way it does for me. However, vertical clutter seems to affect him the same way horizontal clutter affects me. He really doesn’t approve of my cluttering up the walls with all of these travel photos…but they make me happy…so it’s happening. In my defense, I don’t clutter all of the walls in our home. I think it is safe to say that our walls are moderately decorated, with the exception of our office where both of us have cluttered the walls with our various degrees, awards, plaques, etc. So what, if we have one more room with “polluted” walls. It beats a room filled with snow globes, right?


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