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Guess What Day It Is!


Our tour guide told us that Cappadocia means “land of beautiful horses.” Well, I didn’t see any horses during our time in Cappadocia, but I sure did see some camels! These camels were basically just brought in for the tourists as a way to make some money on photo opportunities. So don’t go to Turkey expecting to see lots of camels just roaming around.

Regardless, Happy Hump Day! (you’re welcome Craig!)





And just in case you live in a bubble (as apparently I sometimes do!), this commercial was the inspiration for today’s post.


4 thoughts on “Guess What Day It Is!

  1. Chris says:

    And Dayna, you know why they put a mask over the camel’s mouth, don’t you? Because they will spit at you if they feel like it. an from what I understand it’s not a pleasant experience for the recipient. 🙂 Love the Turkey pics and stories, especially about the chimneys and balloons!

    • Yes Chris, you are right! Rob almost got too close at one point, but luckily no harm done. Although, it might have been amusing to witness that as long as I was not the recipient! ; )

  2. I love the commercial and it was very clever for you to use “Guess what day it is” as the title of this blog. I love it!!! Couldn’t stop laughing. Also, I must say it’s a shame that they bring in the camels just for the tourists instead of correcting wrong assumptions.

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