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Thankful with Coffee

A couple of months ago, I was inspired to adopt two soldiers through two different programs. You can read the original post here. Although I served my country for almost 9 years, fellow blogger Gina reminded me that there was still more that I could do. Renewed with gratitude and remembering the hardships of deployment, I took action. The soldier adoption programs are a huge commitment that many people are not ready for. However, there are simpler ways to make a difference without the long-term commitment of adopting a soldier.

Cup of Joe for a Joe

Green Beans Coffee has a Cup of Joe program that allows you to buy a cup of coffee for a deployed soldier. Green Beans Coffee has several locations on deployment bases and it is an easy way for you to give the troops a “taste of home.” Each cup of coffee will cost you only $2 and you can buy as many (or as few) cups as you would like. You can include a personal note that will be given to each soldier when they receive their cups of coffee. You also have the option to include your email address if you would like to hear from the soldier that receives your cup of joe; or you could choose not to receive a response. Just this morning I purchased 3 cups and included this note:

Dear Soldier,

I realize a cup of coffee isn’t much to make up for the fact that you are away from your home and family during the holidays, but I hope it will at least let you know that you are not forgotten. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

Happy Holidays!

As we go about our daily routines, most of us are thankful for coffee. Instead, I propose we should be thankful with coffee.


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