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La Flor Beach Natural Reserve, Part 2

We returned to La Flor Beach just in time to catch another beautiful sunset.


Sunset at La Flor Beach


Shortly after that, Rob spotted another congregation of birds on the beach. After our experience earlier in the day, we knew that meant more turtles were hatching. We rushed over to scare away the birds and we watched more turtles dig their way out of the sand and make their way to the ocean. Rob was able to get some video, so now you can see it in action too.

These turtles seemed to have a much greater chance of survival because all of those pesky sea birds were gone! This time around it didn’t seem like the turtles were in imminent danger, so I allowed them to make the journey on their own. I just stood close by and lent a watchful eye to make sure the land birds didn’t try to sneak back.



It was really cool to see all the turtle tracks in the sand as they waddled their way to the water!



We hung around a bit longer to wait for the turtles in the basket (from Part 1) to be released. Finally, after it was completely dark outside, someone brought the basket of baby turtles to the beach. By this time, even the land birds were long gone, so it seemed like these turtles had a great chance for survival. The only problem was they had been in that basket for a very long time and I think they must have been exhausted from trying to climb out of the basket all day long. There were a few of them that made a bee-line right for the water, but most of them putzed along rather slowly. After a while, we decided it was time to offer a “little push” to the ones that were struggling. Or as the local said “thats okay, we will help the ones who look a little sad” (translated by Tami).